Vision Meeting

Because you are an integral part of the creative design process, every project begins with an in-depth understanding of your personal needs, architectural preferences, and overall style of living. A working partnership between owner and our team of Cape Cod architects is established so that AD is fully aware of all your practical, aesthetic, and budgetary objectives. This ongoing collaborative dialogue will evolve as we work together to bring the architectural reality you seek ever more clearly into focus.

Site and Program Review

AD will work closely with you to establish a list of the functional spaces and other architectural components and details you require that fit reasonably within the parameters of your budget. The choice of the ideal location for the finished structure on your site will be influenced by local building and zoning regulations and the presence of any protected conservation areas or wetlands, in addition to aesthetic considerations like sun orientation and optimal use of the property’s best view corridors.

Conceptual Design

AD keeps you involved throughout the conceptualization process, when your specific ideas, photos and other design images are shared. AD will draft preliminary flow-diagrams which will serve as a basis for more discussion and decision-making. Once refined, the diagrams will be developed into conceptual floor plans and exterior elevation drawings, providing you a first look at the home as you have envisioned it.

Final Design

Once you have approved the overall conceptual design, AD will continue to refine it by completing the underlying structural design, enhancing architectural detail, incorporating heating / ac and plumbing mechanisms, and providing an inventory of building materials required for both interior and exterior completion of the project.

Construction Drawings

When final decisions about design details and finish materials have been made, AD will translate the design into industry standard CAD drawings and building specifications.

Builder Selection

The completed plans are circulated to highly reputable professional custom builders. AD’s carefully detailed construction drawings and specifications will ensure competitive and precise bids or fair negotiated contracts, minimizing the chance of any unanticipated costs to you.

Construction Administration

AD’s commitment to your project does not end once a builder is hired. AD reviews the physical construction of your home or business at every stage to ensure that the quality of the building is consistent with AD’s design and your expectations. In fact, your relationship with AD continues long after your door is open and your long-held vision has become an architectural reality.